Introduction to UTMS Society of Japan


Coordinating Committee

(1) Coodinating Managers Meeting
(2) General Affairs Subcommittee
(3) Public Relations Subcommittee
(4) Intellectual Property Subcommittee
(5) Experiment Planning Subcommittee

R&D Committee

(1) Subcommittee Chairs Coordinating Meeting
(2) Comprehensive Planning Subcommittee
・Comprehensive Planning WG
・Cost Performance WG
(3) Subcommittee for Integrated Traffic Control Systems (ITCS)
・Total System WG
・Signal Control System Advancement WG
・Mobile Operation Control Systems (MOCS) WG
・Infrared Beacon WG
・Next Generation Infrared Beacon WG
・WG for On-board Units that Support the Next-generation Infrared Beacon
・Fast Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems (FAST) WG
・Public Transportation Priority Systems (PTPS) WG
・Elderly Pedestrian Protection WG
(4) Traveler information System Subcommittee
・Advanced Mobile Information Systems (AMIS) WG
・Help system for Emergency Life saving and Public safety (HELP) WG
(5) Subcommittee for the Utilization of Probe Information for Environmental Measures
・WG for MOCS and Environmental Measures Systems utilizing Probe Information
・WG for Traffic Flow Control utilizing Probe Information
(6) Subcommittee for Driving Safety Support Systems (DSSS)
・Safe Driving System WG
・Standardization Implementation WG
・Kanagawa Pref. DSSS Analysis WG
・Aichi Pref. DSSS Analysis WG
・Tochigi Pref. DSSS Analysis WG
・Hiroshima Pref. DSSS Analysis WG
・Tokyo Metropolis DSSS Analysis WG
・DSSS Information Utilization WG
(7) Subcommittee for Environment Protection Management Systems (EPMS)
・System WG
(8) Subcommittee for Pedestrian Information and Communication Systems (PICS)
・System WG
(9) Driver’s License Task Force

Standards Committee

(1) Subcommittee for General Technical Support
・Management Standard WG
・UTMS Network Technical Support WG
・Glossary WG
(2) Subcommittee for Equipment Specifications
・Common Specification WG
・Higher-level units WG
・Lower-level units WG
・Transmission Equipment WG
・Information Gathering Equipment (Detector) WG
・Information Provision Equipment (Information Board) WG
・Signal Control Equipment (Controller) WG
・Signal Control Equipment (Add-on) WG
・Signal Control Equipment (Traffic Light) WG
・Inspection Manual WG
・Equipment Lifetime WG

International Activities Committee

(1) International Cooperation Subcommittee
(2) International Standard Organaization Subcommittee